What You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Steel Structure

Our buildings can be installed on a variety of surfaces including concrete, asphalt, gravel, or ground. The site must be level within 3 inches all around.

All Vertical Siding

All Vertical Siding

Horizontal Siding

Horizontal Siding

Commercial Framing ANS

Commercial Framing

Building Details

Anchoring Options


Mobile Home Anchor or
Earth Auger Anchor

30” Long
Double Helical Design
Used when installing on the
ground, gravel, etc.


Asphalt Anchor

30” Long
4 Fin Design
Used for asphalt installations


Concrete Anchor
6” Long
Used in concrete installations

Roof Styles


Regular Style

  •  Most economical
  • Panels run horizontally
  • Trusses are bent to form this original style of roof
  • Can not be used on buildings over 31’
  • Not recommended for snow

Horizontal Style

  • Traditional A-frame style
  • Panels run horizontally
  • Requires less framing
  • Can not be used on buildings over 31’
  • Not recommended for snow

Vertical Style

  • Strongest roof available
  • Panels run vertically
  • Reinforced with hat channels
  • Allows for better run off of debris, snow, and rain
  • Used in areas where snow accumulates


14-gauge framing


  • Standard
  • More economical
  • Limited Warranty

12-gauge framing


  • Heavy-duty
  • Additional cost
  • Better Warranty

Service Area

Service Map

*We strive to provide our guests with accurate information. Considering our service area is constantly growing and changing, please note that this map is not a representation of all actual service areas. If you have questions about the most current service areas, please speak with a Representative.