Buyers Guide

Help in figuring the length of your building:

The minimum building lengths:
Average car or small pickup: 20’ (the average sedan is 17 ft. long)
Full size pickup, SUV or van: 24’
(Remember you will need space to get out of your vehicle and walk around it.)
For storage add at least 4’ to store small things like bicycles or tools.
For a work bench and work area add about 10’.
For storage of larger items like mowers or ATVs consider 30’ or longer.

Help in figuring the width of your building:

The minimum width of a 2-car garage should be 20’ x 20’, but to allow extra space getting in and out of the vehicle a 24’
x 24’ is recommended.
Also keep in mind an extra foot of width on your garage doors can make a big difference when using your mirrors to
back out.
The average width of a car is around 6 ft. You need space to open the doors and get in and out.
Don’t forget to allow needed space for storage and shelving.

There are 2 factors in choosing the right size garage for you:
1. The size of the vehicle(s) you plan to park inside it.
2. How much extra storage and work space you need.

Take the time to measure your vehicles and plan how you will use your new garage. Add additional space for storage and shelving.

Choosing your site

There are many different surfaces you can place your building on such as gravel, asphalt, dirt and concrete. But the most important factor when choosing this location and surface is that the area is level and large enough to fit your building.


The customer is responsible for obtaining a permit if one is required. Generic building specs are available in some locations. Site-specific blueprints can be ordered through your manufacturer at an additional cost.


Financing – Great American Structures

Post Purchase Steps

Once you have decided on your structure, made your down payment and have signed all your documentation, your estimated lead time will begin. These lead times are estimates on how long it will take the manufacturer to come out and install your structure. Our lead times are updated regularly. Once your install day is approaching the manufacturer will give you a call about 1-2 weeks out and pick the date and time for your install.